The Salmon Arm Fish & Game Club consists of individuals and groups interested in the pursuit of outdoor activities, habitat enhancement and conservation. We encourage you to send us your photos, stories, and ideas while we continually update our website. Contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. 

2020 - Banquet Report  


Did we have a great time!! The food was excellent.  We had amazing  prizes, gifts, silent auction items...….

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Dear Prime Minister and Minister of Public Safety Blair:

As the President of the Salmon Arm Fish & Game Club I find myself in a position to openly advise you and your Minister of our deep concern and dismay regarding the new and planned firearms regulations. We are a not-for-profit member club with interests in hunting, fishing, conservation and sport shooting. We endorse an outdoor lifestyle with a deep respect for our country, its law, diversity and inclusion. We are open to all people and work very hard to establish a high level of safety and personal responsibility in our activities and here in our community.   read the entire letter

Shooting Hours:  7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. providing there is adequate light.


In order to remain good neighbours, NO SHOOTING after 9 p.m.

BCWF AGM Report.  

In May of this year, two members of the club attended the BCWF AGM in Fort St. John.   This is their report...

News and Updates for the curious mind..

CALGARY -- Two Calgary gun shops are taking on the federal government's ban on more than 1,500 types of guns, calling it a violation of rights.

The Shooting Edge and Sterling Arms International Inc., along with James Cox and Steven Arena, the directors of each of the businesses, contend the Trudeau government violated the Constitution when it introduced the assault weapon ban.

In the court document, the applicants say the section of the Criminal Code used to reclassify the weapons is not intended for that use and is therefore illegal. continue reading at the following link....

Maple Ridge, B.C., gun store co-owner Matt Mendel began reading rumours online in early May, shortly after the prime minister announced a ban on 1,500 firearms and gun parts, that even more were quietly being reclassified as prohibited. 

There was no public announcement by federal authorities. Businesses like Mendel's Wanstalls Hunting and Shooting had to find out by searching the guns they sell in the national Firearms Reference Table (FRT), available to them online.  

Mendel, 32, and his staff began to check various models and sure enough some were suddenly banned — mostly shotguns.  continue reading at the following link

If you are interested in what is going on with our federal government and the latest attack on legal firearms owners, there are many sites on the net such as
Keep advised, write your MP's .

Updates, New and Blogs 

Orders & Guidance for Fishing & Hunting

If you cannot meet all the COVID-19 orders and guidance to fish or hunt safely, do not go fishing or hunting.

  • Only fish and hunt with members of your household

  • Stay 2 metres (6 feet) from other people you come across

  • Do not share vehicles with individuals outside of your household

  • Fish and hunt locally

  • Wash your hands often, especially around communal areas such as boat ramps, gates, etc.

  • Follow all travel advisories and self isolation requirements

  • Follow all municipal, First Nation community, provincial and federal closures (e.g. parks, infrastructure, etc.)


Due to COVID-19, the 2020/2021 LEH Regulations Synopsis will not be printed this year and there will be no paper copies available. 

Depending on how the situation develops, it could be necessary to amend hunting regulations in order to comply with the government directives on COVID-19. All relevant information will be made on the government web page without delay.



MAY 02, 2020

CCFR calls for Blair’s Removal


OTTAWA, ON -The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR) is calling for the immediate removal of Minister Bill Blair from the Public Safety file.
Following a reading of yesterday’s regulation banning a swath of semi-automatic firearms and a briefing with officials from Public Safety, CBSA, Global Affairs, RCMP and the Department of Justice, it was made abundantly clear that the regulations were crafted in haste, and that the government has neither planned nor formulated the rest of the legislation required to implement their hastily crafted policy. As a result, the regulation is both flawed and dangerous.

During the briefing the government could not answer simple questions about the methods used for selection, why bolt action firearms were included on the list, why some shotguns are caught in the bore diameter restrictions, why some rimfire firearms are listed contrary to the selection criteria, and on and on. They also stated that the government, on behalf of the Governor in Council, has deemed the list of firearms banned as “not suitable for hunting or sport shooting”, but simultaneously provided an exemption for indigenous owners for the purpose of hunting. Further, this is contrary to the decades-long history of these very firearms being safely used for hunting and sport shooting.
This entire regulation bears the mark of an irrational process done in haste, and it divides Canadians.

The CCFR further noted that some of the firearms listed in the regulation that are classified as prohibited have exactly the same specifications as other firearms not on the list. This is entirely random and proves without doubt, that the choices made were entirely political in nature. That is not a proper basis for legislation in a democracy.

There are also flaws in that no consideration has been given to firearm owners who may move residency within the amnesty period, since transporting of these prohibited firearms is not permitted.

The level of incompetence in this act by the Liberal government is astounding. As a result, we feel the Prime Minister and Canadians have been grossly under-served by the Minister and call for his immediate removal from over-seeing this process, and for the repealing of this regulation in order to consult technical experts.

In the interim, the CCFR recommends that Canadian firearm owners retain their firearms and NOT turn them in to the government. This deeply flawed process must be reversed immediately. Consultations with legal experts are ongoing.

For more information, contact:

Tracey Wilson
VP, Public Relations
Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights


Now that we have a website, all things Fish & Game are updated here.  Past newsletters are archived so you can go back in time.  Subscribe to our mailing list and keep up to date on all things Fish and Game, important notices, events and things that will concern our membership.


Back By Popular Demand August 2020 Juggernaut Fun Shoot


When: Sunday, August 16th, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Where:  Salmon Arm Fish and Game Club Rifle Range

Who: Members of Salmon Arm Fish and Game Club, under-18 must be supervised by parent

Fee: $10, on the day of the event. Maximum of 24 shooters.


Range Safety Orientation classes have started up again with small groups of participants and plenty of social distancing. To book a date and time, contact Brenda at or call 778-489-5112.

Taking this safety orientation course is MANDATORY before you can use your 2020 membership and attend the shooting ranges.

Contact Brenda Wale

Phone or Text: 250-686-4837

Land line with voicemail: 778-489-5112


The Salmon Arm Fish and Game Club has cancelled  most gatherings due to the Corona Virus, except where noted on the events calendar and website.

The shooting range will remain open to members who have completed their range safety orientation and purchased their 2020 membership.


We will keep you posted as things change.


Richard Wale


Michelle Rempel Garner, Member of Parliament, is sponsoring petition e-2574 with regard to the gun ban and the mechanism of that ban (i.e. without parliament, by order in council and during a pandemic). For your convenience, the link to the petition is provided below.

New Gate is Live! 


Most of our members have used electronic gates and secure access doors before, so the Club’s new swing gate should be fairly easy to use.


The gate provides secure access to our members only Club. With the electronic gate recording members’ time in and out, you no longer need to sign in at the ranges (except for guests).


When car pooling, remember to ‘read in’ all members’ fobs at the keypad.


Club Members get a Key Fob

The fob is a plastic key with your membership number on the back (the first five tiny digits). When held an inch or two from the keypad, your fob will open and close the gate at the Salmon Arm Fish and Game Club.


Your fob gets reactivated each year when you renew your membership. Please report lost or damaged fobs to and buy a replacement.   


Safety Pointers

  1. As you approach the gate, the keypad is on the driver’s left. Yield to vehicles exiting Club property as only one vehicle can use the gate at a time.

  2. The gate has sensors to prevent it from closing on your vehicle as you drive in or out.

  3. As you leave, note that the gate swings open toward your vehicle. Be patient and give it room to open.

  4. The gate has battery back-up to operate during power outages.



Drivers of vehicles carrying other members must ‘read in’ all members’ fobs to activate liability coverage by BCWF and the Club’s insurer.


Let’s not give our insurers an excuse to cancel coverage because we didn’t follow procedure.



What if the Gate Doesn’t Work?

  • Did you remember to bring your fob to activate the gate?

  • All fobs worked before they were distributed to members.If your fob is lost or damaged, contact and buy a replacement. 

  • Have you taken the Club’s Range Safety Orientation? Your fob is activated after you take the class.Contact to take the class or to report a foul-up.

  • Have you paid for your current year’s membership? All fobs expire at the end of the calendar year and are reactivated once dues are paid.

  • Are you holding your fob an inch or two from the keypad reader? There should be a reassuring beep when you do it right.

  • Is the gate’s motion blocked by snow or mud? Try clearing the problem yourself.


If you’ve done everything right, and it still doesn’t work, call Ray Bruneau, RMC Systems Inc. at 250-515-1075.


Entry Codes#

Emergency and maintenance vehicles have their own entry codes as well as fobs to operate the gate.  Event and training organizers will arrange for a unique short-term entry code and share it with the participants. To use it, enter the six digit code and the # sign on the keypad.



The Salmon Arm Fish & Game Club started a major range enhancement project in 2009. After 7 long years, thousands of dollars and hundreds of volunteer hours, significant upgrades to the Rifle, Archery and Handgun Ranges have been made. 


Currently we have shooting positions at the 300 m mark!!  There will be ongoing annual cleanup on the rifle range access road, when the sand sloughs.  Future projects from the wish list will be announced and be ongoing, but the majority of the earthworks project have been completed.  This is a club facility to be proud of. 


To help fund these and all future upgrades, we initiated the “buy-a-board” fundraiser.


Here's an opportunity to show your support for the club, memorialize a loved one, or demonstrate your business' love for the community. Sponsor a board and an engraved plaque displaying the sponsor's name (or business) will be mounted in the new rifle range building and shown off at the annual Big Game Banquet & Dance.


We still sell advertising for the ongoing club renovations and upgrades to the Club facilities that we undertake and we can issue you a receipt, so you can claim it as an expense.


Contact the executive if you have any questions or when you are ready to donate to this worthy cause. 


Levels of sponsorship are as follows:

Level 1 …………….. $ 100 to $299

Level 2 …………….. $ 300 to $599

Level 3 …………….. $ 600 plus…



The range has been permitted.  We have been approved for all rifle cartridges contained in the template groups - .22 Long Rifle, .223, Remington, .308 Winchester, .338 Lupua Magnum and .50 Browning Calibre.


Please visit the events calendar and watch for range closures before you leave for the Range and are disappointed. 


MANDATORY procedures and use of flags is as follows:

Red flag - live shooting

Green flag - cease fire/safe

On a cease-fire, all firearms must be unloaded, actions must be open and rifearms stored in the racks behind the shooting bench/yellow line.  No firearms should be left on the benches on a ceasefire OR be handled.  BE SAFE !

SA Fish & Game Club Sponsors


Jozsef Holecz














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